DrinkLocalWine.com 2012 – and the winners are …

DrinkLocalWine.com 2012 is over, it was a big success, and now it’s time for a recap. I can’t give you one today, because it’s past 1 am, I’m barely sentient, and the crowd in the Irish pub six floors below is still going strong and loud with a live band. And I don’t think they’re singing about Colorado wine, to be honest.

I will give you this news, in case you weren’t glued to the Twitter feed for the results of our Twitter Taste-Off, sponsored this year by Nomacorc. The crowd favorites, winning our DrinkLocalWine.com decanters, the most coveted prizes in winedom (no, not really) were Ruby Trust Cellars for its “Smuggler,” a Cabernet Franc-based blend, and the Guy Drew Vineyards Pinot Gris. Redstone Meadery also took a decanter as the crowd favorite for its “Nectar of the Hops,” a delightful little fizzy number that tasted as though a master champagne producer had turned his talents to beer.

We tweeted, of course, using hashtags #colwine and #drinklocal. My favorite tweet came from @wineywomen, who wrote, without punctuation, “Best White Guy Drew Pinot Gris.” to which I replied, “The best white guy drew pinot gris? Why not a pinot blanc?”

Well, it’s now 1:30, the band has stopped playing, and the crowd is dispersing from the pub. Even Denver must sleep, and so should I. More about the conference tomorrow. Or today. I have a 3-1/2 hour flight back to reality on which to write.


The crowd is ready to taste, and tweet

About Dave McIntyre

Wine columnist for The Washington Post, co-founder of DrinkLocalWine.com, and blogger at Dave McIntyre's WineLine (dmwineline.com).
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2 Responses to DrinkLocalWine.com 2012 – and the winners are …

  1. Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the shout out… I am not that quick to pick up on that one liner as you could tell by my reply…It will go down as one of those sayings that could end up on the Jay Leno show! The Conference was amazing and I had such a wonderful time.. I hope to attend next years where ever it may be!

    • Dave McIntyre says:

      Thanks, Kim, for taking it in the right spirit – and thanks especially for your participation in the confence.

      Dave Mc

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