A superb California rosé

In springtime, a wine geek’s fancy turns to thoughts of rosé, and each year at this time I gorge myself on the new arrivals from Provence, the Rhone, or elsewhere in southern France, branching off occasionally to try some rosados from Spain or Italian rosati. When I draw up my list of favorites, however, there is almost always at least one Californian on the list – the Alexander Valley Vineyards Dry Rosé of Sangiovese. As usual, the 2011 vintage is delicious.

This is what I call an “intentional” rosé, meaning the grapes were grown and harvested with pink in mind, and was not made from juice siphoned off to concentrate a red wine. This year’s version, gussied up in a stylish new label (and still sporting that jaunty screwcap), has a bit of stemmy quality, which could conceivably be a reflection of the tricky harvest California experienced. Yet this only adds interest to the juicy flavors of strawberry and watermelon that follow. The screwcap keeps it fresh, too; a little bit left over was just as good the second night.

At $15, this is not a cheap rosé. But even at that price it is well within the range of the top European rosés, and it is well worth looking for.

Twist it open, pour yourself a glass, and sit back and enjoy our lovely spring weather.


About Dave McIntyre

Wine columnist for The Washington Post, co-founder of DrinkLocalWine.com, and blogger at Dave McIntyre's WineLine (dmwineline.com).
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1 Response to A superb California rosé

  1. Jennifer M. says:

    A good rose always makes me smile! Can’t wait to try this one.

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