Worth Reading: Provoking Adam Lee

Some fun and interesting keyboard musings this week:

W. Blake Gray indulges in his favorite sport – provoking Adam Lee of Siduri with a post about low alcohol levels. It’s a great way to boost your comment totals on a blog, I guess. To follow the discussion is a bit wieldy – the link above to The Gray Report includes a link to Blake’s column on WineReviewOnline.com in which he profiles Sashi Moorman, who argues for lower alcohol pinots in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA of Santa Barbara County. The comments are back on Blake’s blog. Some strong words and even an etymology debate.

What do you look for in a restaurant wine list? Stephen Eliot on The Connoisseur’s Guide to California Wine offers some thoughts in an age when many restaurants are downsizing from the old standard wine book. Despite a provocative headline that echoes recent blahgosphere rumblings about a “war” between somms and critics, Eliot taps out a well-reasoned argument for “a good mix of well-known wines and those that might be regarded as esoteric. Some nights I am ready for adventure, and on some I would prefer the comfort of a trusted old friend.”

Robert M. Parker Jr. gave a rare interview to Sommelier Journal in which he throws some bombs and brickbats at anyone who dares to disagree with him. The interview is not online except to subscribers of the magazine, but Joe Roberts at 1WineDude.com and David White at Terroirist.com sound off. And Steve Heimoff announces Parker’s retirement –  prematurely, it would seem.

And I would of course be remiss if I did not point you to David White’s column on last weekend’s DrinkLocalWine.com conference in Denver. Jeff Siegel also gives a grand wrap-up on The Wine Curmudgeon.

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2 Responses to Worth Reading: Provoking Adam Lee

  1. Michael Kaiser says:

    Some guy wrote a piece in the Washington Post about wine ingredient labeling that I think is worth reading as well.

  2. Lynn Lowry says:

    Recently I received a bottle of 1996 Bordeaux cremant wine that had some sediment at the
    bottom of the bottle. Is this normal and is it harmful?

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