What I did this summer …

Hi Everyone –

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted here for quite some time. Some of you have even asked about my health – I’m fine, thank you – or if I’ve quit writing about wine. Definitely not – I’ve kept up my weekly wine columns for The Washington Post, after all. I haven’t been blogging in part because my day job has been busy and sapping my energy, but primarily because I’d rather park myself in front of the television.

You see, meaningful baseball is being played in Washington for the first time since World War II.

A fun, juicy red from importer Peter Weygandt

This isn’t a baseball blog, so I won’t lord it over you Braves fans (Hi, Gil!), but that is the simple reason for the lack of posts here and tweets on my Twitter feed (@dmwine). The season isn’t over by any means, and I hope to be watching excitedly well into October, but I will try to post here more regularly. (The Nats are off tonight, in case you’re wondering.)

So as summer winds down and hints of fall (playoffs) scent the air, let me offer this wine recommendation: Markowitsch Carnumtum Cuvee 2011 ($19) is part of importer Peter Weygandt’s extensive Austrian portfolio. A blend of Zweigelt (80%), Pinot Noir and Blaufrankisch (10% each), it is inky in color and exuberant with red and black fruit flavors, followed by a whiff of flowers from the Pinot Noir. And with a blend like this it could be made nowhere else but Austria, so I also love it for its individuality.

Unfortunately in the DC area, it is available only at Weygandt Wines in Cleveland Park. But it should be more widely available in other markets where Weygandt-Metzler imports are distributed.



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3 Responses to What I did this summer …

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  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. stupid Nationals. Why don’t you look at the standings and you can figure out why I have been writing about wine — and drinking it.

  3. Allen Clark says:

    Even more amazing is that both local teams are among the best in baseball now, the O’s sharing the AL East lead with the Yankees (as of today). Imagine an bi-beltway World Series! Oh yeah, forgot, wine blog… um, the winning team could celebrate by dousing each other with Thibaut-Janisson (or use up the last of the Kluge BdB)! Or (sorry Dave but it could be the O’s), some Maryland sparkler, of which I’ve had none so – Elk Run?

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