Oregon Redefines Wine Tourism

I’m in New Zealand on a brief stopover from my Australia sojourn, but I’m also in Oregon through the pages of The Washington Post Travel section and my feature on Willamette Valley wineries that are redefining wine tourism. Check it out here.

And in case you missed it, in a recent column I highlighted two other wineries, J. Christopher and St. Innocent, that focus on expressing Willamette’s varied terroirs through their Pinot Noir.

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3 Responses to Oregon Redefines Wine Tourism

  1. David Gomberg says:

    This is about your WP column on J. Christopher and St. Innocent. That column appeared just before I left to visit old friends in Portland. I brought along the column and asked them if they might want to visit one or the other of the vineyards. They had been to St. Innocent, so it made sense to try J. Christopher (my friends needed to make a trip to the valley to pick up new releases from the two winery clubs of which they are members), so we called J. Christopher to make an appointment (they only way to get in).

    We were greeted by Jay Somers as he ran past us to tend to the days “catch” (we arrived in the middle of harvesting) and told us Sebastien Rake (sales manager) would be right with us. Moments later, Sebastien ushered out several ladies who had preceded us. We got an amazing amount of attention – and got to taste a half-dozen wines. For me, the standout among the four pinot noirs was the 2010 Olenik Vineyard. The surprises were the excellent chardonnay and the fantastic sauvignon blanc. Thanks to your timely column, we had a great experience.

  2. We love the Oregon wine tasting experience. This last sunday we visited The Blooming Hill Vineyard and Winery. The wine was unique in that is the grapes used in the wine are grown on the Blooming Hill and the winemaker’s touch is very evident. The laid back atmosphere was wonderful but it was the view of Mt. Hood and the Willamette Valley that blew us away.

    Here are some picture for your readers: http://www.retireinstyleblog.com/2013/10/oregon-wine-country-portlandia-wine-and.html

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