Some great photos of Regional Wine Week

If you haven’t checked out Drink Local Wine’s Facebook page, you should. That’s where we asked wine lovers to post their favorite photos relating to regional wine during Regional Wine Week. There were great shots of grapes, of course, like this one from Connie Byrne of sunlight shining through Albarino grapes in southern Maryland. 


Albarino in southern Maryland


And of course there were vineyard shots, such as this one Jennie Inglis took of fog lifting off a vineyard in Georgia.

And this one of – where else? – Colorado, by Todd Godbout of


There’s more than scenery – visit the page to see the scariest bunch of grapes you’d never want to pick, wine in the making (spoiler alert: tattoos not required!), as well as different ways regional wine lovers kick back and relax over a glass of local wine. That’s “wine from around here, wherever here happens to be.” 

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