Drinking Local with The Wine Curmudgeon

BAV 2010 Chardonnay

The wine of the week?

My wife and I had the pleasure last week of hosting Jeff Siegel, aka The Wine Curmudgeon, while he was in DC judging a preliminary round of the 2015 Virginia Governor’s Cup wine competition. (Jeff posted his impressions of the judging here.)

Since Jeff was here to taste Virginia wines, we started with Thibaut-Janisson’s Xtra Brut bubbly, which I was confident would not be in the competition because of small production. Then we focused mainly (though not exclusively) on Maryland. Jeff said he was unfamiliar with Black Ankle Vineyards‘ white wines, so we tried the 2010 Chardonnay. The wine was somewhat golden, reflecting age (most of it in my imperfect cellar), but it was by no means over the hill. It was rich, creamy and oaky, and we each enjoyed a glass before moving on.

One of the perils of such a dinner is that good wines can be overlooked and forgotten. When the evening was over, I stuck a cork back in the Black Ankle — no gas, no VacuVin — and put the bottle in the downstairs fridge. I found it there five days later, and guess what? The wine was still just as vibrant, perhaps even more so from having shook off its four-year slumber. I finished the last glass today (day six) at lunch with some stinky unpasteurized cheese from Arrowine & Cheese (Crèmeux des Cîmes, for fans of fermented curd).

The wine of the night.

The wine of the night.

One wine that did not survive the evening: the Boordy 2010 Landmark Reserve, a Bordeaux-style red from the first vintage of Boordy’s replanted vineyards. (The story of Boordy’s ambitious make-over is here.) Every time I taste this wine, it seems better than ever. This bottle showed class from first sniff to last sip, sometime around midnight, as I finished cleaning up.

Good friends, good wines, good food — a sure-fire recipe for a great evening.


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Wine columnist for The Washington Post, co-founder of DrinkLocalWine.com, and blogger at Dave McIntyre's WineLine (dmwineline.com).
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6 Responses to Drinking Local with The Wine Curmudgeon

  1. Mary Ann Dancisin says:

    Dave! It’s the VA Gov Cup! Not the MD Gov Cup!!!! (big smiley!) You’re gonna tell us more, right?

    • Dave McIntyre says:

      Huh? I said Virginia. I was just relating the wines we had at dinner. I’m not judging the cup this year so you’ll have to hear from others, like Jeff’s post v



      • Oh, I wish you were! You have a great appreciation of, and perspective on, VA wines. I always find your VA columns very insightful and informative! (PS Love Boordy – I did an article on them for the expired VA Wine Gazette. Haven’t had the opportunity to try Black Ankle yet. Is that the former Breaux winemaker?)

  2. Always happy to see photos and articles about Black Ankle. My husband and I take a drive out to their beautiful tasting room a couple times a year. Longtime Maryland wine drinkers, we never fail to be amazed by these. And now we’ve rediscovered Boordy. They have really upped their game.

  3. Dave, you’ve made me want to give Black Ankle a try, and give some other Maryland wines a second chance! Thank you!

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