Wine trivia #1 – What family is this?

Okay, wine peeps. What internationally famous wine family is represented in the symbol in this picture? Give me your answer in the comments, and I’ll do the reveal there too, after at least a few days. Hint: The name is spelled out in the family seal …

Added July 22: And the answer is … Cousiño. This family crest is in the Cousiño Palace in Santiago, Chile. Once owned by the mining family that established the Cousiño-Macul winery in the 1850s, the palace was sold — or pretty much donated — by the family to the city in the late 1930s. The city used it as a guest house for visiting foreign dignitaries, until the upper floors were badly damaged in a fire in the late 1960s. The February 2010 earthquake caused more damage, and the palace recently reopened after extensive repairs. I visited earlier this month while judging the Cartad’Or wine competition; the judges were invited to a tasting and dinner celebrating the release of a new Carmenère from Viña la Rosa winery.




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2 Responses to Wine trivia #1 – What family is this?

  1. Rothschild? The label on the lefthand bottle looks like it may be Mouton. Not too sure: no longer offered tastes and who can afford to buy it these days? It always was superb, even when it wasn’t.
    Fred Luskin

  2. Allen Clark says:

    Good puzzler, but I give up. The letters appear to be I,C,O,N,O,S. Sounds like a Greek winery, but I couldn’t find any such thing.

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