A California Sauvignon Blanc on the rise

Sauvignon Blanc seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance. Bordeaux seems to be rediscovering its signature white variety as it grapples with the implications of climate change. (And yet, could Sancerre be getting too ripe? Definitely something to explore there.) California seems to be emphasizing Sauvignon Blanc more, which unfortunately means some are getting incredibly expensive. 

Bibiana González Rave is putting her heart and soul into her wines at Alma de Cattleya, but not her ego into the price. Her 2022 Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma County costs a relatively modest $25 and provides great value. The fruit comes from five hillside vineyards in Sonoma County and includes some of the aromatic musqué clone for additional aromatics. Bibiana ferments it in neutral French oak barrels and ages it in wood for an additional six months before bottling.

Don’t think New Zealand gooseberry with this one — or if it is gooseberry, it’s underripe gooseberry. To be honest, give me this blind and I might guess Grüner Veltliner because of the intense aromas of jasmine and lemongrass and flavors of quince and guava. Tasted the second day, it shows a bit more stone fruit. It’s fine by itself but the firm acidity would help it match all sorts of foods. 

Oh, and don’t miss her rosé of pinot noir.

Photo from the winery website. Wine tasted was a sample.

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1 Response to A California Sauvignon Blanc on the rise

  1. maxnhall says:

    Agree they are increasing out there, which I think is a good thing. If you get a chance, try Mauritson’s from Dry Creek/Sonoma. While known for their Zins, they make a very nice SB, and price wise, it too is affordable. It usually has a bit of lemon in it.

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