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An AmpelWHATapher?

Ampelography is one of the funniest sounding words in wine, a field that’s full of potential puns and double entendres. It means simply, the study and identification of grapevines. And Lucie Morton is one of this country’s leading ampelographers. But … Continue reading

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Virginia Wines at NYC’s Beard House

This has been a tough month for the Virginia wine industry, with the White House €œparty crashers€ Tareq and Michaele Salahi dominating the gossip columns. Their connection to Oasis Winery €“ mentioned in nearly every story about their escapade and … Continue reading

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Local Wine Bandwagon Gains Steam With Obama’s Help

Virginia wine was featured last night at President Obama’s first State Dinner. The president, his guest of honor, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and invited members of D.C.’s elite washed down pumpkin pie tart and pear tatin with Thibaut-Janisson blanc … Continue reading

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Virginia Wines – World Class

Can Virginia wines stand tall among some of the best wines in the world? Undeniably yes, if the results of an in-depth tasting I attended on February 27 are any indication. The occasion was the second annual Virginia Wine Expo, … Continue reading

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Regional Wine at the Obama Inauguration

Yesterday I wrote about a potential diplomatic gaffe in wine choices at next week’s presidential inauguration. Tonight I’m happy to report more positive news – that one inaugural gala will feature a regional wine, a testament to how local wine … Continue reading

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Flavium Bierzo Crianza 2005, $10

A few years ago, Bierzo was touted as Spain’s next emerging wine region. The region’s main grape, Mencia, was thought to be related to Cabernet Franc. But then DNA research apparently put the kybosh on that theory, and it turned out … Continue reading

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Eat Local? Drink Local!

Regional Wine Week has been a resounding success so far, with hundreds of readers visiting to discover   the wonderful variety of wines being produced today in the United States and Canada. Tonight, my column inThe Washington Post highlighted this effort, along with … Continue reading

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Eastern Seaboard Winners Presented

Tonight on Capitol Hill, the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association awarded its Best of Show and Best of Category awards to winners of the 4th annual Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition. In the photo below, Gordon Murchie, president emeritus of the association, … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Cabernet Franc 2006, Lake County $16

I can’t think of anything to say about this wine. It’s pretty good!

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