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George Rose: Wine through a camera’s lens

A shorter version of this article was published on on March 30, 2023. This version includes some anecdotes from my interview with George that didn’t make the shorter piece. When social media algorithms take a break from pushing cleaning … Continue reading

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Spicing up your wine life: Drink local

This is the fourth in my series of suggestions for enlivening your wine explorations in 2012. Drink local. Wine is now made in all 50 states. You may be surprised at how good some of it is. Virginia and Maryland … Continue reading

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My Favorite Regional Wines of 2011

The blahblahsphere is rife with posts about the best wines of the year, so I thought I’d offer my favorite “Regional Wines of 2011” – these are wines that thrilled me this year, and yes, I may have graded them … Continue reading

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The Annual Thanksgiving Conundrum

Thanksgiving is coming, which means wine writers across the country are telling you to worry about what wines will clash with the cranberry sauce. To which I always say, “open one of everything” and turn the feast into a food-wine … Continue reading

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Sweet on Local Dessert Wines

When exploring the greatly improving local wine scene, it’s easy to focus on dry table wines – the most dramatic improvement – and lose sight of dessert wines. Stickies have always been a staple of local wines, but they are … Continue reading

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Wines from Where?

Wines are now made in all 50 states – but would you know that by looking at a typical wine list or store shelf? Andrew Stover, the hyper-energetic millenial generation sommelier at two hip Washington D.C. restuarants, is trying to … Continue reading

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Bruce Here’s in Charge of the Sheep Dip

When I posted yesterday€™s defense of my wine pricing on The Washington Post Food section€™s blog, several commenters rallied to my defense. Their support is much appreciated. But I couldn€™t leave one comment, from someone called €œsheepherder,€ on the Internet … Continue reading

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Cave Spring Riesling “CSV” 2007, Niagara $28

Niagara-on-the-Lake is known for its ice wines, and Cave Spring Cellars makes some mighty fine ones. But the region also excels in table wines, especially Riesling, and I’m especially excited that a few producers are making the effort to jump through … Continue reading

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