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Cheap wine? Or snake oil?

Someone has declared war on wine. I think it’s the Tea Party. Or maybe it’s the “99 Percent.” I’m not sure who’s who these days. One salvo came from Slate, which was known for intelligent wine writing until a few … Continue reading

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Worth reading this week

In my continuing quest to come up with a regular pattern of posts that can make it easier to keep feeding this blog and also give you readers some consistency about what to expect when you visit, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Slammin’ Some Moscato …

“Moscato Madness” is in the air. The sweet, flowery fizzy wine is all the rage among casual wine drinkers, according to MarketWatch. And we’re not just talking about Moscato d’Asti, the benchmark of this style from Piemonte in Italy, which … Continue reading

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Wine News: Are We ‘Buying Up’ Again? Yet?

The California Department of Food and Agriculture€™s Market Enforcement Branch saw a spike last year in the number of complaints filed by wine grape growers against buyers who couldn€™t fulfill their contracts, the North Bay Business Journal reported this week.  … Continue reading

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Bobby Kacher – Dean of the DC Importers

The Washington, D.C., region is a very fun and active market for wine consumers, especially for those of us interested in imported wines. There is a vibrant cadre of wine importers serving this market, enough to keep wine lovers turning … Continue reading

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What’s Ahead in 2011?

What should wine lovers expect in 2011? More debate over direct shipping, and hopefully we’ll get that privilege here in Maryland this year. But will be able to order from out-of-state retailers, or just wineries? And will we be allowed … Continue reading

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Wine Follies and Cheap Wine Hall of Fame

Who thinks these things up? Elin McCoy of Bloomberg News reports on an Oregon winery that recruited an elephant to stomp grapes as part of a fund raiser for a wildlife park. Talk about €œnatural wine€! Winery owner Stephen Reustle … Continue reading

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A New Virginia Winery Takes Top Prize

Last month, the Virginia Governor’s Cup for white wines was awarded to Paradise Springs winery of Clifton, in Fairfax County, for its 2009 Chardonnay. This was noteworthy because Paradise Springs is one of Virginia’s newest wineries. But it is also … Continue reading

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Weather Plays Games with the 2010 Harvest

This year’s strange weather is playing some real mind games on vintners as they begin the 2010 harvest. Here in the Eastern U.S., harvest is earlier than ever after an exceptionally hot and dry weather helped ripen grapes – or … Continue reading

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It’s Dinner Time: Do You Know Where Your Wine Is From?

The recent scandal over cheap French merlot mislabeled as slightly-less-cheap pinot noir for sale in the United States under Gallo’s Red Bicyclette label is a sign that consumers should be wary about what we’re drinking – and another reason to … Continue reading

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