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Worth Reading This Week: Yes, Wine Enthusiast, there IS a Virginia!

Here’s what’s up this week in wine: Wine Enthusiast has discovered that Virginia is for Wine Lovers. The magazine has anointed the Old Dominion as one of the 10 best wine regions in the world to visit. Quite a coup, … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview Wine of the Week: This year’s best bargain bubbly

Let’s face it – there’s nothing like Champagne, but Champagne is expensive. Sometimes we want the celebration of bubbles without the expense. Luckily, there are any number of tasty, inexpensive sparkling wines made around the world that can serve the … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Has Beaujolais arrived? And more buzz for RdV …

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of good food, fellowship and wine. Before the big day, I asked what you’d be drinking, and the favorite wine appears to be Pinot Noir, which garnered 18% of the votes, … Continue reading

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Cheap wine? Or snake oil?

Someone has declared war on wine. I think it’s the Tea Party. Or maybe it’s the “99 Percent.” I’m not sure who’s who these days. One salvo came from Slate, which was known for intelligent wine writing until a few … Continue reading

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Worth reading this week

In my continuing quest to come up with a regular pattern of posts that can make it easier to keep feeding this blog and also give you readers some consistency about what to expect when you visit, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Slammin’ Some Moscato …

“Moscato Madness” is in the air. The sweet, flowery fizzy wine is all the rage among casual wine drinkers, according to MarketWatch. And we’re not just talking about Moscato d’Asti, the benchmark of this style from Piemonte in Italy, which … Continue reading

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Wine News: Are We ‘Buying Up’ Again? Yet?

The California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Market Enforcement Branch saw a spike last year in the number of complaints filed by wine grape growers against buyers who couldn’t fulfill their contracts, the North Bay Business Journal reported this week.  … Continue reading

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