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Enjoying the sweet & sour of life with Riesling

Remember when the food-wine pairing gurus would automatically say Riesling or Gewurztraminer when asked what wine to pair with Asian food? It didn’t matter what dish, or even which culture or cuisine. Asian = spicy, and therefore the wine should … Continue reading

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Peter Chang, Kung Fu Master of Sichuan Cuisine

In Chinese, the word we transliterate in English as “kung fu” (or gongfu in the current spelling system used in mainland China) does not mean martial arts. It means simply art, or technique. One displays exceptional gongfu when one has … Continue reading

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A quick guide to sherry

Yesterday, I wrote about how sherry pairs well with Chinese cuisine, in part because of its resemblance to the shaoxing rice wine of China. Today I offer this brief guide to the various types of sherries and some of the … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: China v. US, Better Wine Through Chemistry, Taste Camp

My weekly highlights of news from the wild, wacky world of wine: Chinese New Year is approaching, and with it comes news that China continues its inexorable path to becoming a wine behemoth by overtaking the United Kingdom in wine … Continue reading

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Loredan Gasparini Prosecco, $12

This is the first in a series of posts throughout December on sparkling wines that offer great value for their price. Loredan Gasparini offers this textbook Prosecco, with delightful apple flavors, surprising depth and refreshing acidity. It picks up an intriguing spice … Continue reading

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Bex Riesling 2006, Mosel, $10

This is a simple Riesling – semi-dry (meaning it has a touch of sweetness but doesn’t really come off as sweet, because its acid keeps it in balance) – with textbook flavors of apricot and peach. No complexity, really, no … Continue reading

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