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Singing the Praises of Somms with Canary Island Wines

There’s been some feather-ruffling on the wine blahblahsphere lately about a “war” between critics and sommeliers. As described by W. Blake Gray on Palate Press,  sommeliers resent wine critics and their 100-point scoring systems because they try to democratize wine … Continue reading

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Why white wines should not always be drunk young …

Here’s my dirty little secret: I love white wines. In WineLine #26, way back in January 2003 before these online scribblings were called blogs, I issued an impassioned defense of white wines. Sometimes, I even think I prefer white wines … Continue reading

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Rooting for Chenin

I always root for the underdog grape varieties. In a simplified consumer culture where red wine means Cabernet Sauvignon and merlot and white wine is synonymous with chardonnay, it is easy to lose sight of the amazing diversity wine has … Continue reading

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Figeac: The misunderstood Premier Grand Cru Classé of St. Emilion

Opportunities to participate in a vertical tasting – spanning several vintages – of a premier wine are rare, so I jumped at the invitation to participate in an 11-vintage retrospective of Chateau Figeac, a Premier Grand Cru Classé producer in … Continue reading

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Peter Chang, Kung Fu Master of Sichuan Cuisine

In Chinese, the word we transliterate in English as “kung fu” (or gongfu in the current spelling system used in mainland China) does not mean martial arts. It means simply art, or technique. One displays exceptional gongfu when one has … Continue reading

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A quick guide to sherry

Yesterday, I wrote about how sherry pairs well with Chinese cuisine, in part because of its resemblance to the shaoxing rice wine of China. Today I offer this brief guide to the various types of sherries and some of the … Continue reading

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Toast Chinese New Year with sherry

Ask wine lovers what to drink with Chinese food, and they’ll probably say “beer.” Press for a wine recommendation, and one might grudgingly suggest Riesling or Gewurztraminer, explaining that the sweetness in those wines is a necessary counter to the … Continue reading

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Year of the Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Today begins the Year of the Dragon, which should be auspicious and powerful, according to the Chinese zodiac. I hope you have a nice dinner with some of the auspicious foods meant to bring luck … Continue reading

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La Vida Local: An interview with Christina Findley of The Bottle Shop

This is the second in my monthly series of interviews with wine retailers throughout the D-M-V. Christina Findley opened The Bottle Shop just over two years ago in the Potomac Woods Plaza shopping center off Seven Locks Road in Rockville. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Regional Wines of 2011

The blahblahsphere is rife with posts about the best wines of the year, so I thought I’d offer my favorite “Regional Wines of 2011” – these are wines that thrilled me this year, and yes, I may have graded them … Continue reading

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