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Finally, the perfect Champagne glass

I’m not a nerd about wine glasses – most in my collection are freebies from wine festivals and tastings, embossed with a winery or sponsor name. (My favorite for years has proudly boasted Kroger, and I don’t even shop there.) … Continue reading

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Rooting for Chenin

I always root for the underdog grape varieties. In a simplified consumer culture where red wine means Cabernet Sauvignon and merlot and white wine is synonymous with chardonnay, it is easy to lose sight of the amazing diversity wine has … Continue reading

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The Winemaker’s Hands 2: Domaine Trapet

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Spicing up your wine life: Explore new frontiers

This is the third in my series of New Year’s suggestions for spicing up your wine explorations in 2012: Explore a new wine region. Do you love Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon? Try something different – a cabernet from the Santa … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview Wine: Little James’ Basket Press 2010 Viognier-Sauvignon Blanc

Now that the holiday splurge is over, it’s probably time to be looking again at bargains in the wine aisles. Here is a sneak peak at one of my Bargain Bottles recommendations (formerly Recession Busters, but I wanted to feel … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Natural Pinot, natural wine, and au naturel (almost) winemakers

Some interesting reading from this week in the wild world of wine: Palate Press reposts an interesting piece from earlier this year by Evan Dawson on a backlash from California winemakers about the popular “slander” that Cali pinot is routinely … Continue reading

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Wine Camp 2011: This wine’s from WHERE?

Something extraordinary happened this Christmas. Not birth-of-the-savior extraordinary mind you, but something so unexpected that I had to rub my eyes before I could believe it actually happened. I was served a Virginia wine at “Wine Camp.” Wine Camp is … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview Champagne #2: José Michel et Fils Brut Tradition

Champagne is, unfortunately, expensive. It will never be an everyday wine for those of us in the 99 percent. But it is possible to find Champagnes that offer exceptional value for a reasonable price, considering what you get. One of … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview Wine of the Week: Champagne Lenoble, Cuvée Intense

When the political philosopher Thomas Hobbes described life in a state of nature as “nasty, brutish and short,” he was probably drinking some cheap imitation sparkling wine. He obviously wasn’t referring to Champagne, and certainly not the Champagne Lenoble Cuvée … Continue reading

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Book Review: Alice Feiring’s “Naked Wine”

When I wrote a column last year expressing some skepticism over the “natural wine” movement, I inadvertently became a poster child for industrial wine, earning public opprobrium from Alice Feiring (though we made peace) and a slap on the wrist … Continue reading

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