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Storm Diary, The Second Chapter

Thursday, August 12, 2010 This latest storm hit at 7 am, with a fury that I had only seen once before: seven years ago when my house nearly burned down after a lightning strike. I watched out the kitchen window … Continue reading

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Carbon-Neutral Wine

Wineries today tout their green credentials almost as much as their scores from influential wine magazines. Solar power, sustainable or organic or biodynamic (s/o/b) viticulture, and “carbon-neutral” winemaking are all marketing buzzwords for wineries. In today’s column in The Washington … Continue reading

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How Green a Wine Drinker Are You?

Choosing wines keeps getting more complicated. Not only do we have to worry about the quality of what gets in our glass and then our gullets, but now we’re told we should drink “green” or “natural” wines, according to how … Continue reading

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Down With Heavy Bottles!

Moving some bottles around in my cellar yesterday, I was struck by how many I had that seemed extra heavy and would not fit in my wine racks. I’m partly to blame for the latter hindrance, because when I had … Continue reading

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