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Excitement in Portugal

My list of my favorite “Great Value” wines of 2017 — posted here yesterday and published earlier this month in The Washington Post — caused a mini stir in Portugal. Or at least, the winery that produces my #3 wine, … Continue reading

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The End of Wine Blah Blahgs

April 1 – DATELINE: ONLINE – The wine blahgosphere fell eerily silent today when William Zinsser emerged from the heavens and told wine blahggers that the world isn’t all about them and they can only write about wine from now … Continue reading

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The Christmas Fruitcake Post

A friend of mine recently read me this recipe over the phone. It reads better aloud, to be honest, but I couldn’t resist posting it here in spirit – Hic! – of the season. I asked for proper attribution, but … Continue reading

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Winemakers do a number on Wine Spectator

Call Central Casting and request a flamboyent French winemaker who epitomizes joie de vivre and bonhomie, and they’d probably send you Jean-Charles Boisset. Boisset is the scion of a famous Burgundy family who in recent years has embarked on a … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Why vowels aren’t sexy, plus a true locapour in Illinois

Some items worth reading this week in the vinosphere: Marketing has run amok again: Mary Orlin, the “Wine Fashionista” for Huffington Post, rails against a reality TV star’s plan to market “Skinnygirl” wines. It’s enough to make one pray for … Continue reading

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Worth Reading: Bye-Bye TTB? And those wacky 2010 Germans!

Worth reading this week on the blahgosphere (actually the last two weeks – since I missed last Friday): A big shout-out to W. Blake Gray for his insightful reportage on President Obama’s proposal to kill off the TTB, the federal … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Natural Pinot, natural wine, and au naturel (almost) winemakers

Some interesting reading from this week in the wild world of wine: Palate Press reposts an interesting piece from earlier this year by Evan Dawson on a backlash from California winemakers about the popular “slander” that Cali pinot is routinely … Continue reading

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