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Inauguration Whine: Me Donner Un Break!

Yes, that’s right, “Give me a break!” President Obama is making headlines again in the silly little oenosphere (a word I just made up) because Korbel will be the featured bubbly at the inauguration luncheon at the U.S. Capitol after … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: FBI arrests alleged fraudster; White House fails to keep dinner wine list secret

Some recent items of interest from the Wine-o-sphere: The FBI last week arrested flamboyant wine collector Rudy Kurniawan for wine fraud. It’s the first time the Bureau has taken wine counterfeiting so seriously. Mike Steinberger has some detailed analysis on … Continue reading

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Virginia Wines at NYC’s Beard House

This has been a tough month for the Virginia wine industry, with the White House “party crashers” Tareq and Michaele Salahi dominating the gossip columns. Their connection to Oasis Winery – mentioned in nearly every story about their escapade and … Continue reading

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Of Cow Horns and the Cosmos

Biodynamics is a small but rapidly growing style of winemaking. Basically put, biodynamics is “Extreme Organics,” going way beyond avoidance of chemical fertlizers, pesticides and herbicides to include some rather esoteric practices. The wackiest of these is probably the only … Continue reading

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Regional Wine at the Obama Inauguration

Yesterday I wrote about a potential diplomatic gaffe in wine choices at next week’s presidential inauguration. Tonight I’m happy to report more positive news – that one inaugural gala will feature a regional wine, a testament to how local wine … Continue reading

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Mike Grgich and Wolfgang Puck

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting two legends of American wine and food – Mike Grgich, celebrated winemaker who created the Chateau Montelena Chardonnay that won the Paris Tasting of 1976, and Wolfgang Puck, who helped revolutionize our … Continue reading

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Eastern Seaboard Winners Presented

Tonight on Capitol Hill, the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association awarded its Best of Show and Best of Category awards to winners of the 4th annual Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition. In the photo below, Gordon Murchie, president emeritus of the association, … Continue reading

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Osprey’s Dominion – A Consistent Winner

One of the fun things about judging a wine competition year after year is the opportunity to find wineries that perform consistently well. For the past four years, I have judged the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition, sponsored by the Vinifera … Continue reading

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