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Wine vs. Beer Smackdown!

Wine lovers can spend hours debating wine-food pairings (just one reason we are so boring to our children), and there are certain meals we dismiss as “beer food.” These are usually spicy or cheap, and casual – in other words, … Continue reading

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Number of U.S. Wineries Continues to Grow

The number of wineries in the United States continues to grow, reports Wine Business Monthly. The total at the end of November was 6,223, up 122 over the past year. That equals the 6% growth pace of 2008 and shows … Continue reading

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Wine Camp, and Other Ideas

Over Christmas weekend, my family held our annual “Wine Camp.” This is an extremely vinonerdy exercise in which we pour several wines blind and say, “Tell me what this is.” Over the years, it has taken on an air of … Continue reading

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Local Wine Bandwagon Gains Steam With Obama’s Help

Virginia wine was featured last night at President Obama’s first State Dinner. The president, his guest of honor, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and invited members of D.C.’s elite washed down pumpkin pie tart and pear tatin with Thibaut-Janisson blanc … Continue reading

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Iconic American Wines

This week, The Washington Post’s Food section is looking at the iconic American meal – Thanksgiving – from the perspective of iconic American chefs. So I thought it would be fun to discuss iconic American wines. This proved to be … Continue reading

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Oregon Pinot Noir – Sustainably Good

Oregon pinot noir offers an ideal opportunity to explore the effects of terroir, as the state’s main wine region, the Willamette (rhymes with ‘dammit’) Valley features two main soil types, each with its own expression in the wine. I explore … Continue reading

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IPNC: Land or Hand?

Terroir predetermines the greatness of a wine. Or does it? Terroir is a romantic concept that appeals to wine lovers when the edges of the world get just a little blurry – right around that second glass of wine. We … Continue reading

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Pinot Reigns Supreme at IPNC

Everything you may have ever heard about the International Pinot Noir Celebration is true. Over the past 23 Julys, pinotpheliacs have congregated in McMinnville, Oregon, to spend a weekend pickling themselves in their favorite wine. This year’s IPNC, held July … Continue reading

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