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Sneak Preview WoW: A knockout $15 Priorat

Priorat, in eastern Spain, is a wine region that itself could almost be labeled as “boutique.” The wines are sun-baked, sought-after, and pricey. So when I saw a Priorat for the modest price of $15, I was skeptical, to say … Continue reading

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A quick guide to sherry

Yesterday, I wrote about how sherry pairs well with Chinese cuisine, in part because of its resemblance to the shaoxing rice wine of China. Today I offer this brief guide to the various types of sherries and some of the … Continue reading

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Toast Chinese New Year with sherry

Ask wine lovers what to drink with Chinese food, and they’ll probably say “beer.” Press for a wine recommendation, and one might grudgingly suggest Riesling or Gewurztraminer, explaining that the sweetness in those wines is a necessary counter to the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Alice Feiring’s “Naked Wine”

When I wrote a column last year expressing some skepticism over the “natural wine” movement, I inadvertently became a poster child for industrial wine, earning public opprobrium from Alice Feiring (though we made peace) and a slap on the wrist … Continue reading

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Bargain Bubbly: Kila Cava lives up to its name

In the bargain bubbly category, it’s hard to beat Cava, Spain’s answer to Champagne. I’ve tasted many of these over the years and rarely have I found one I didn’t like. To paraphrase Animal Farm, “All Cavas are good. Some … Continue reading

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Popsicles with #Wine? Anything Goes When It’s This #$*& Hot!

Maybe I was channeling my inner Jose Andres, but when my daughter presented me a mango-smoothie popsicle she’d made with her new Zoku popsicle maker, I immediately wondered how I could use this new toy in a different way. We … Continue reading

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Yay, Spain!

Okay, I’ll admit it – I was rooting for Spain in Sunday’s World Cup final. Not that I had a dog in this fight, but when it comes down to a wine country versus a beer country, well, I know … Continue reading

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NostraWINEus predicts 2010 …

What’s up for wine lovers in 2010? Here are a few prognostications … An increasing emphasis on value over stature as the recession maintains its downward pressure on wine prices. Consumers will continue to “drink down” and look for wines … Continue reading

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Sweet Endings for 2009

Earlier this month I wrote two columns for The Washington Post recommending sparkling wines for the holidays – one on wines above $30, the other for more budget-conscious revelers. All the wines were dry. That led one frustrated reader to … Continue reading

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Bierzo and Ribeira Sacra

Spain is hot. Every few weeks it seems there’s a new region that’s the coolest thing in wine. One region that’s been on the radar for about a decade now but never really challenged for fad status is Bierzo, in … Continue reading

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