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Inauguration Whine: Me Donner Un Break!

Yes, that’s right, “Give me a break!” President Obama is making headlines again in the silly little oenosphere (a word I just made up) because Korbel will be the featured bubbly at the inauguration luncheon at the U.S. Capitol after … Continue reading

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Impressions from the 2012 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

I spent the weekend as one of 20 judges evaluating 495 wines produced in 17 states along the U.S Atlantic seaboard. The results will be announced in a few days (I know a few, including Best of Show, but those are under embargo until the winners are notified), but here are some impressions I jotted down during the tastings. Continue reading

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Save the Wine Geeks! (Donate here … )

That does it. I’m starting an Internet campaign to “Save the Wine Geeks.” We’ve always had a bad name (usually “snob” or “elitist”) and we can let that slide off our backs. But I’m tired of the Mainstream Media using … Continue reading

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Wino the Week: Markowitsch Carnuntum Cuvée 2011

This is the kind of primal, fun, juicy wine that gets my blood pumping. Inky dark in color, fresh and herbaceous in aroma, and just pure juicy juice, for lack of a better descriptor, on the palate. It’s 80% Zweigelt, … Continue reading

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Worth Reading: the Catching-Up Collection

I’ve taken a break from the blog, but not from reading about wine. Here are some great recent reads, in case you haven’t seen them. The Rudy Kurniawan wine-fraud saga has had two write-ups, by Ben Wallace in New York … Continue reading

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A superb California rosé

In springtime, a wine geek’s fancy turns to thoughts of rosé, and each year at this time I gorge myself on the new arrivals from Provence, the Rhone, or elsewhere in southern France, branching off occasionally to try some rosados … Continue reading

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Colorado wines impress, an organization I co-founded four years ago with Dallas-based wine writer Jeff Siegel, held its fourth annual conference last weekend in Denver, bringing together bloggers from as far away as New York and California to explore Colorado wine. It’s … Continue reading

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And 2012 is underway‘s fourth annual conference got underway today. A few bloggers, including Joe Roberts of, David White of Terroirist, David Falchek, Dezel Quillen, and “Chief Wino” Andrew Stover hopped into a puddle jumper for a heart-in-mouth flight over the Rockies … Continue reading

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Is it rosé season yet?

This wacky spring has had me salivating for rosė earlier than usual. Last Monday, on April 16, the high temperature was in the 80s, and I was taking a long walk in shirtsleeves. Today, we’ve finally had some rain and … Continue reading

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