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Colorado Guv plugs the state’s vino

At last weekend’s conference in Denver, our annual writers’ dinner was held at the Governor’s Residence. The venue alone was testament to how much importance the state put on the conference and the opportunity to showcase its wines to … Continue reading

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Heading to Denver for 2012

I’m excited to be heading to Denver tomorrow to explore Colorado wine at’s 2012 conference. But even if you can’t join us, you can be part of the excitement by entering our contest to win two Amtrak tickets from … Continue reading

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Worth Reading: And well, listening and viewing too

The Best of the Rest in wine this week: The countdown is on to 2012 in Denver next Saturday, so The Wine Curmudgeon and I do a prospective look at the conference and a retrospective glance at how the … Continue reading

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Wine Country – It’s everywhere!

“Wine country” used to mean Northern California. Then Sideways told us about Santa Barbara County and its pinot noir. Visitors to Portland learned that just an hour’s drive away they could sample some fine pinot in the Willamette Valley as … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Buy your own piece of the Andes

I’ve been too busy this week to post on this blog or read many others, but here are some interesting tidbits from the blahblahsphere: Richard Jennings writes on Huffington Post about the “In Pursuit of Balance” tasting in San Francisco. … Continue reading

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Why white wines should not always be drunk young …

Here’s my dirty little secret: I love white wines. In WineLine #26, way back in January 2003 before these online scribblings were called blogs, I issued an impassioned defense of white wines. Sometimes, I even think I prefer white wines … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: FBI arrests alleged fraudster; White House fails to keep dinner wine list secret

Some recent items of interest from the Wine-o-sphere: The FBI last week arrested flamboyant wine collector Rudy Kurniawan for wine fraud. It’s the first time the Bureau has taken wine counterfeiting so seriously. Mike Steinberger has some detailed analysis on … Continue reading

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Wine Expert? Nature, or Nurture?

Are some people better wine tasters than others? Undoubtedly. But does this gift spring from genetics or experience? This is a variation on the old debate of nature vs. nurture. I vote for nurture. Sure, some people may be “supertasters” … Continue reading

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Losing Joe

Joe Pollack passed away early Friday. I didn’t know Joe very well, though we met on a two-week wine trip to South America several years ago, and in such circumstances you learn a lot about someone. I learned that Joe … Continue reading

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Revisiting an early call to “Drink Local”

I wrote this exhortation to “open your mind to local wines” in Dave McIntyre’s WineLine #56, in August 2006. That was more than two years before Jeff Siegel and I created Looking at it now, I’m a bit chagrined … Continue reading

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