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Holiday Cheer from Your Pets …

I try not to get maudlin’ on the blog, but when I saw this holiday video, featuring my least favorite Christmas song of all time in what must be the best rendition ever, I just had to share it. I … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Wooooooo Boy! Expensive wine critics, cheap wine, and tons and tons of methane …

Here’s my weekly offerings of what’s worth reading on the wine blahgosphere – and boy, this week’s a doozy! We begin with “Campogate” – the controversy over the resignation of Jay Miller from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate. It seems little-known … Continue reading

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Worth reading this week: Yao Ming, ego-shaped fermentation tanks, and the RdV backlash

My weekly roundup of wine news worth reading on the blah-blah-sphere: When I saw the headline for this piece on Wines & Vines, I mistakenly thought it said “Ego-Shaped Wine Tanks … “, which had me mentally riffing about self-important … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Has Beaujolais arrived? And more buzz for RdV …

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of good food, fellowship and wine. Before the big day, I asked what you’d be drinking, and the favorite wine appears to be Pinot Noir, which garnered 18% of the votes, … Continue reading

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Wine Geek – Know Thyself!

Back in the late ’90s when I was writing for, I did a piece titled, “You Know You’re a Wine Geek When … ”  It was openly derivative of Jeff Foxworthy’s redneck routine, and of course I gave credit … Continue reading

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The California-Without-Parker Video

I can’t add anything to this hilarious wine-themed version of the old “Hitler yelling” YouTube videos. It was apparently posted a week ago by the folks behind the Red to Brown Wine Review blog, and was quickly picked up by … Continue reading

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Popsicles with #Wine? Anything Goes When It’s This #$*& Hot!

Maybe I was channeling my inner Jose Andres, but when my daughter presented me a mango-smoothie popsicle she’d made with her new Zoku popsicle maker, I immediately wondered how I could use this new toy in a different way. We … Continue reading

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This Bod’s For You!

I’m not making this story up. Honest. Vine Connections is a San Francisco-based importer specializing in wines from Argentina. You may be familiar with its excellent label, La Posta, which features several malbecs, a malbec-bonarda blend and an aromatic white … Continue reading

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What Does Lenn Thompson REALLY Think About Virginia Wine?

My buddy Lenn Thompson — founder, creator, publisher, muse and editor of New York Cork Report,  the single-most authoritative online resource about New York’s wonderful wine industry, and winner of the “Best Single Subject Wine Blog” three years running from … Continue reading

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Jancis Robinson, Helen Turley, and “Dirty,” “Underripe” Pinot Noir

I’m always amazed at how ideological people can be about wine. Or perhaps I should say, idiot-illogical. Wine is a varied and wonderful drink that should bring like-thirsted enthusiasts together, not divide them over subjective preferences. But no, and living … Continue reading

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