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Treasury Coup: Was It Something I Said?

MELBOURNE, Australia – It’s a strange feeling to learn that someone you’ve only just met has been ousted from his high-profile corporate job. My first thought on hearing that David Dearie was dethroned on Monday as CEO of Treasury Wine … Continue reading

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Winemaker’s Hands: Paul Drogemuller

A winemaker’s hands tell a story, of working with and sometimes against Nature in trying to produce a vintage, and sometimes a story of life before becoming a vintner. Paul Drogemuller, co-owner with his wife Kathy of Paracombe winery in … Continue reading

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Impressions from Savour Australia 2013

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Savour Australia – the first international conference dedicated to Australian wine – is about to wrap up with a Grand Tasting of umpteen gazillion wines in a large convention hall with umpteen gazillion people trying to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Sign? Sun or Soil?

There are wines of the sun, wines of the soil, and wines of the test tube. I enjoy the first, love the second, and try to avoid the third. It’s not that simple, of course. Wine never is, or we … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview Wine of the Week: Penfolds Bin 51 Riesling

As a wine columnist, I love to recommend wines that most people haven’t heard about. I’m sort of like the shifty guy in a trench coat on the street corner hissing, “Hey buddy, try THIS!” I love to find something … Continue reading

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Washington Post Sells Out!

The Washington Post sold out today. People actually lined up to purchase copies. Could it have been because of my wine column discussing tannin??? You be the judge. You can read it here on the Post’s Web site, or without … Continue reading

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