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The resilience of Burgundy

Yesterday’s post on two wines from the Drouhin family reminded me of this article I wrote last year for The Washington Post, after visiting Frédéric Drouhin at the family caves in Beaune. I’ve never posted it here before, so ICYMI. Drouhin … Continue reading

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Drouhin, at home and abroad

When entertaining friends who don’t spend an inordinate amount of their time thinking, drinking and writing about wine, I’m sometimes peppered with questions: How did you get into writing about wine? What do you look for in a wine? What … Continue reading

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OK, so now I have tasted a Marcassin pinot noir … and liked it!

Okay, so now I have tasted a Marcassin Pinot Noir. The 1997 Marcassin Vineyard, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, to be exact. This was presented to me as a dare the other night after I had written that I hadn’t experienced … Continue reading

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Jancis Robinson, Helen Turley, and “Dirty,” “Underripe” Pinot Noir

I’m always amazed at how ideological people can be about wine. Or perhaps I should say, idiot-illogical. Wine is a varied and wonderful drink that should bring like-thirsted enthusiasts together, not divide them over subjective preferences. But no, and living … Continue reading

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Chardonnay – Yes, Chardonnay! – for Summer …

In the summer heat, we often say ixnay to the chardonnay, preferring lighter, more acidic white wines. But we shouldn’t reject chardonnay altogether. This week and next, in my Washington Post wine columns, I recommend some terrific chardonnays for summer … Continue reading

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Reading the Vintage Charts

Vintage charts can be tricky. They can enslave us to focus on a high-scoring vintage while neglecting a “lesser” year. Or they can be clues to opportunity – even the “bad” years offer good wines, if you know where to … Continue reading

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Two Voices of Pinot Noir

I suffered cognitive dissonance a few weeks ago over pinot noir. I lunched on Monday with Richard Sanford at his Alma Rosa Winery in Santa Barbara County over beef stew and his 2006 and 2007 La Encantada Vineyard pinot. He … Continue reading

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Ansonia Wines – A Tiny Boutique Store in D.C.

If you had asked me a few months ago to name wine stores owned and operated by importers and devoted to that importer’s wines, I would have mentioned two: Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant in Berkeley, Calif., and Rosenthal Wine Merchant … Continue reading

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Pinot Reigns Supreme at IPNC

Everything you may have ever heard about the International Pinot Noir Celebration is true. Over the past 23 Julys, pinotpheliacs have congregated in McMinnville, Oregon, to spend a weekend pickling themselves in their favorite wine. This year’s IPNC, held July … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Hate This Wine?

I really wanted to hate this wine. The samples arrived from Palm Bay International, which carries a small but high-quality portfolio, and  the wines were produced by Labouré-Roi, a well-known Burgundy house. So far, so good. Then I saw the … Continue reading

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