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Do You Really Get What You Pay For in #Wine? No. 1

A new idea for this blog: Compare a really expensive wine with a more moderately priced one of the same type, and try to explain the price difference. Do we really get what we pay for? Let me know in … Continue reading

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Weather Plays Games with the 2010 Harvest

This year’s strange weather is playing some real mind games on vintners as they begin the 2010 harvest. Here in the Eastern U.S., harvest is earlier than ever after an exceptionally hot and dry weather helped ripen grapes – or … Continue reading

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Carbon-Neutral Wine

Wineries today tout their green credentials almost as much as their scores from influential wine magazines. Solar power, sustainable or organic or biodynamic (s/o/b) viticulture, and “carbon-neutral” winemaking are all marketing buzzwords for wineries. In today’s column in The Washington … Continue reading

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Pinot Reigns Supreme at IPNC

Everything you may have ever heard about the International Pinot Noir Celebration is true. Over the past 23 Julys, pinotpheliacs have congregated in McMinnville, Oregon, to spend a weekend pickling themselves in their favorite wine. This year’s IPNC, held July … Continue reading

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Holiday Bubbles!

Even in economically depressed times, sometimes nothing less than Champagne will do! For some people of course, especially in down times, nothing less will do! After all, it was John Maynard Keynes, the noted economist whose theories got us out … Continue reading

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America’s Best Bargain Bubbly?

What a heady week! Celebrations and commiserations continue, which for wine lovers is a great excuse to begin the holiday season early. And that means bubbles. This week, of course, was all about American sparkling wine, and I turned to … Continue reading

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Washington Post Sells Out!

The Washington Post sold out today. People actually lined up to purchase copies. Could it have been because of my wine column discussing tannin??? You be the judge. You can read it here on the Post’s Web site, or without … Continue reading

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The Green Revolution

Wine is going green. Like many of us trying to shrink our “carbon footprints” by using less electricity, recycling, or driving hybrid cars, the wine industry is becoming increasingly earth-friendly. At the Fair Lakes Whole Foods Market in Fairfax, Va., … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Cabernet Franc 2006, Lake County $16

I can’t think of anything to say about this wine. It’s pretty good!

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