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April Tom Foolery Roundup

OK, so there were some pretty good wine-related April Fool’s jokes on the Internet this Sunday. Jeff Siegel linked to his favorite April Fool’s post, about California seceding from the United States as a wine nation. Then he followed up … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Natural Pinot, natural wine, and au naturel (almost) winemakers

Some interesting reading from this week in the wild world of wine: Palate Press reposts an interesting piece from earlier this year by Evan Dawson on a backlash from California winemakers about the popular “slander” that Cali pinot is routinely … Continue reading

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Holiday Cheer from Your Pets …

I try not to get maudlin’ on the blog, but when I saw this holiday video, featuring my least favorite Christmas song of all time in what must be the best rendition ever, I just had to share it. I … Continue reading

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Wine Geek – Know Thyself!

Back in the late ’90s when I was writing for Sidewalk.com, I did a piece titled, “You Know You’re a Wine Geek When … ”¬† It was openly derivative of Jeff Foxworthy’s redneck routine, and of course I gave credit … Continue reading

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Embracing Your Inner Wine Geek

‚€œWine geek‚€ sounds pejorative, but I don‚€™t mean it as a slur when I use it in my writings to refer to wine lovers. I consider myself a wine geek, after all. And geeks of all kinds are considered cool … Continue reading

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Sirloin Steak, with a side of WHAT?

I’m a big fan of Gene Weingarten, The Washington Post‘s humor writer. Not just because he has won two Pulitzers, which qualifies him for journalist deification (careful how you type that …), or even because his name includes my favorite … Continue reading

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