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The Thanksgiving wine conundrum …

Every November, wine columnists warn us about the difficulty of pairing wine with the traditional turkey & trimmings we feast on at Thanksgiving. It’s all silly, and most writers hate the theme. I know I do. I’m not looking forward … Continue reading

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It’s not about the #wine.

This is a slightly revised version of my column published October 12 on washingtonpost.com. As I write this, fires continue to spread across Northern California’s wine country for a sixth day, and it is still impossible to estimate the full … Continue reading

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“I enjoy your columns; however … ” Answering the Hate Mail

I don’t hear from my readers very often, but when I do, they typically begin, “I enjoy your columns. However … ” Two recent emails were so nasty that I thought I’d post them here in their entirety, along with … Continue reading

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Save the Wine Geeks! (Donate here … )

That does it. I’m starting an Internet campaign to “Save the Wine Geeks.” We’ve always had a bad name (usually “snob” or “elitist”) and we can let that slide off our backs. But I’m tired of the Mainstream Media using … Continue reading

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Are Consumers to Blame for the Sorry State of #Wine?

It’s fashionable for wine scribes to bewail wine’s globalization – or mondalisation, as we francophiles like to say – the growing uniformity as countries around the world produce wines from the same grapes at excessive alcohol levels and abundant new … Continue reading

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