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Peter Chang’s Return to DC – Coming Soon

Peter Chang is known as the finest Chinese chef in the United States, and one with a sense of wanderlust. He made his name disappearing from restaurant after restaurant in Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, Knoxville to Atlanta, fleeing whenever he was … Continue reading

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DC Chefs Love Virginia Wine

(In the “Trying to catch up on really good blog material I haven’t had time to post” department … ) Virginia wine has gotten some prominent loving recently from two of DC’s top toques. Robert Wiedmaier, chef-owner of Marcel’s, Brabo, … Continue reading

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A DC Sommelier Creates a Champagne Mecca

“I should have drunk more Champagne,” the economist John Maynard Keynes supposedly said on his deathbed. (The quote is often rendered in a longer version, but parsimony seems more authentic on death’s door.) Those are not likely to be the … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t More Local Wines on Local Wine Lists?

This is a question that can probably be asked wherever fine wines are made. In fact, it WAS raised last year in the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported complaints by North Coast vintners about restaurants that touted their local meats … Continue reading

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Is Wine No Longer a Luxury?

This week, Wine & Spirits magazine released its 20th annual restaurant wine survey. As usual, the survey is the usual once-a-year kiss-up to Sonoma-Cutrer as the most popular wine brand in American restaurants. But there is a nugget in the … Continue reading

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Adieu, Les Halles

Les Halles Brasserie, a Washington, D.C., institution for the last 15 years, went out of business suddenly yesterday after negotiations on a new lease broke down. Michael Birchenall, publisher of Foodservice Monthly, broke the news today on his SAUCE ON … Continue reading

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