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How long will sherry remain wine’s best kept secret?

Why don’t we drink more sherry? Every time I explore this category of fortified wines I marvel at their quality, value and suitability with a wide variety of foods. I marveled again Friday as I tasted and talked sherry with … Continue reading

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Wines of the Week: Gundlach Bundschu, Pedroncelli and more

Some readers who do not regularly have a chance to read The Washington Post’s Wednesday Food section have asked me to post my columns and wine recommendations here more regularly. So I will try to do that in some form … Continue reading

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Singing the Praises of Somms with Canary Island Wines

There’s been some feather-ruffling on the wine blahblahsphere lately about a “war” between critics and sommeliers. As described by W. Blake Gray on Palate Press,  sommeliers resent wine critics and their 100-point scoring systems because they try to democratize wine … Continue reading

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Bargain Bubbly: Kila Cava lives up to its name

In the bargain bubbly category, it’s hard to beat Cava, Spain’s answer to Champagne. I’ve tasted many of these over the years and rarely have I found one I didn’t like. To paraphrase Animal Farm, “All Cavas are good. Some … Continue reading

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Popsicles with #Wine? Anything Goes When It’s This #$*& Hot!

Maybe I was channeling my inner Jose Andres, but when my daughter presented me a mango-smoothie popsicle she’d made with her new Zoku popsicle maker, I immediately wondered how I could use this new toy in a different way. We … Continue reading

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Sweet Endings for 2009

Earlier this month I wrote two columns for The Washington Post recommending sparkling wines for the holidays – one on wines above $30, the other for more budget-conscious revelers. All the wines were dry. That led one frustrated reader to … Continue reading

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Spain’s Underappreciated White Wines

Spain’s white wines – albariño, godello and verdejo are the main ones – have somehow slipped under the radar for American consumers. Restaurants have caught the fever, but most of us have yet to realize that these refreshing wines can … Continue reading

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Flavium Bierzo Crianza 2005, $10

A few years ago, Bierzo was touted as Spain’s next emerging wine region. The region’s main grape, Mencia, was thought to be related to Cabernet Franc. But then DNA research apparently put the kybosh on that theory, and it turned out … Continue reading

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Some Bargain Fizz for the Not-So-Jolly Holidays

Holidays can be less than jolly in tough times. But before we all endulge our inner Scrooge, we should remember that Tiny Tim’s impoverished family, the Cratchits, celebrated even in the leanest of times. So even though we may not … Continue reading

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