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Loving those fizzy Italian reds

Back in the mid-70s, I remember my mother would sometimes keep a jug of Riunite in the door of the fridge. We were not a drinking family — my father was a health nut, into fitness and exercise (a frequent … Continue reading

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Relieve Some Pressure: Pop a Cork!

Opening a bottle of Champagne relieves pressure — both on the bottle and on the drinker. Those bubbles that mark life’s celebrations are really mood-altering drugs. Continue reading

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##WW More Holiday Bubbly and Some Celebratory Reds

In the spirit of “Wine Wednesday,” here are recommendations for some fine bubbly and two delicious red wines to help celebrate the holidays. These were published December 10 in The Washington Post, with lists of stores in the DMV that carry … Continue reading

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#TBT: Not All Festive Fizz Comes from You-Know-Where

To call other sparkling wines “champagne” is unfair, not only to champagne producers, which try to protect the brand, but also to the wide range of bubblies from around the world that have their own character and identity. Continue reading

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Bargain Bubbly: Kila Cava lives up to its name

In the bargain bubbly category, it’s hard to beat Cava, Spain’s answer to Champagne. I’ve tasted many of these over the years and rarely have I found one I didn’t like. To paraphrase Animal Farm, “All Cavas are good. Some … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview Wine of the Week: This year’s best bargain bubbly

Let’s face it – there’s nothing like Champagne, but Champagne is expensive. Sometimes we want the celebration of bubbles without the expense. Luckily, there are any number of tasty, inexpensive sparkling wines made around the world that can serve the … Continue reading

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A Bouquet of Rosés for Valentines Day

Throughout the Mid-Atlantic, folks are probably celebrating a prolonged Valentines Day – curling up with their loved ones to stay warm after hours outside shoveling snow. There may not be an opportunity to get to a flower shop for the … Continue reading

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Sweet Endings for 2009

Earlier this month I wrote two columns for The Washington Post recommending sparkling wines for the holidays – one on wines above $30, the other for more budget-conscious revelers. All the wines were dry. That led one frustrated reader to … Continue reading

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Champagne Outside the Envelope

Champagne is too expensive to be an everyday tipple, much as many of us might want to enjoy it on a daily basis. Rather, ít’s a special occasion wine, and this often leads us to rely on familiar brand names … Continue reading

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Willm Cremant d’Alsace Cuvée Leon IX, $16

What a wonderful value in a sparkling wine! Crémant d’Alsace doesn’t give the complexity or richness of Champagne (or the sticker shock, of course), but this example from Willm is top-notch, with great balance and a core of red fruit … Continue reading

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