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What do wine lovers really want?

When preparing yesterday’s rant about the current existential dread in the wine industry over the indifference of younger consumers to our favorite tipple, I came across this piece I wrote just more than 10 years ago. It still rings true … Continue reading

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Is Prohibition returning?

A new wave of anti-alcohol sentiment is sweeping the US.
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Just What’s in Your New Year’s Bloody Mary?

The Washington Post on Friday warned its readers in a Page 1 story about all the boozy calories they would be ingesting on New Year’s Eve. Personally, I’m of the school that resolutions take effect on New Year’s Day at … Continue reading

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Washington Post Wins Best Food Blog Award

Last week, The Washington Post’s Food section won the Best Food Blog award from the Association of Food Journalists.  If you haven’t been reading All We Can Eat on the Post website, you should. I’m proud to be a minor … Continue reading

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Wine Camp, and Other Ideas

Over Christmas weekend, my family held our annual “Wine Camp.” This is an extremely vinonerdy exercise in which we pour several wines blind and say, “Tell me what this is.” Over the years, it has taken on an air of … Continue reading

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Champagne Outside the Envelope

Champagne is too expensive to be an everyday tipple, much as many of us might want to enjoy it on a daily basis. Rather, Ă­t’s a special occasion wine, and this often leads us to rely on familiar brand names … Continue reading

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Red or White for Thanksgiving? BOTH!

Or as I always say, “Open one of everything!” But here’s my take on the food/wine pairing conundrum for this Thanksgiving, in Sunday’s Washington Post special Food section, with wine recommendations paired to featured recipes. Note the commenter who didn’t … Continue reading

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Bierzo and Ribeira Sacra

Spain is hot. Every few weeks it seems there’s a new region that’s the coolest thing in wine. One region that’s been on the radar for about a decade now but never really challenged for fad status is Bierzo, in … Continue reading

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It’s Harvest Time!

The grape harvest is in full swing throughout the Northern Hemisphere. In my column today in The Washington Post, I give insights into how harvest is progressing in Bordeaux, Virginia and California – plus my monthly “Recession Busters” recommendations of … Continue reading

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The Judgment of DC

It may not have the cachet of the Texas Twitter Tasteoff, but at The Washington Post we conducted our own version of the famous Judgment of Paris, pitting the US vs France in an oenological grudge match. Only we slipped … Continue reading

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