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Whine Pricing

The complaint was predictable. I had written about Heart’s Delight, the premiere wine charity event in the Washington area €“ one of the premiere events in the country, an event that over the past decade has raised more than $8 … Continue reading

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Of Cow Horns and the Cosmos

Biodynamics is a small but rapidly growing style of winemaking. Basically put, biodynamics is €œExtreme Organics,€ going way beyond avoidance of chemical fertlizers, pesticides and herbicides to include some rather esoteric practices. The wackiest of these is probably the only … Continue reading


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Bad Mood, Published!

Last Wednesday, my Washington Post column detailed my issues with those big, bruising US syrahs that I’d been complaining about here over the past few weeks. But I did find some worth recommending. (Eric Asimov wrote along the same lines in … Continue reading

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Cave Spring Riesling “CSV” 2007, Niagara $28

Niagara-on-the-Lake is known for its ice wines, and Cave Spring Cellars makes some mighty fine ones. But the region also excels in table wines, especially Riesling, and I’m especially excited that a few producers are making the effort to jump through … Continue reading

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Holiday Bubbles!

Even in economically depressed times, sometimes nothing less than Champagne will do! For some people of course, especially in down times, nothing less will do! After all, it was John Maynard Keynes, the noted economist whose theories got us out … Continue reading

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Chile’s Ambassador of Wine

We expect ambassadors to promote the agricultural products of their country, but Chile has someone special in Washington – an internationally recognized wine expert serving as its ambassador to the United States, actively promoting Chilean wine to American journalists, importers, … Continue reading

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Eat Local? Drink Local!

Regional Wine Week has been a resounding success so far, with hundreds of readers visiting DrinkLocalWine.com to discover   the wonderful variety of wines being produced today in the United States and Canada. Tonight, my column inThe Washington Post highlighted this effort, along with … Continue reading

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Oh, the Minerality!

Listen to people talk about wine and sooner than later someone will say a wine has “minerality.” Your natural reaction might be “WTF?” Does wine contain minerals? Yes. Can you taste them? No. But can you really taste the chalk … Continue reading

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The Washington Post – wow

I’ve been sitting on a bit of news for the past month or so. Not that it’s a big secret, because it has been announced and blogged and chatted and probably even tweeted. But I’ve been pinching myself, wondering if … Continue reading

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