A Tale of Two Barberas

I tried two inexpensive Barberas tonight that make me want to explore more of this food-friendly wine 
Castelvero Barberaws
first, Castelvero Barbera 2006 Piemonte($12, Vias Imports, NY), is a
fruit-forward, grapey wine that reminds me of Beaujolais Nouveau in
weight, texture and almost flavor. While it seems simple, it has decent
length and a hint of complexity that matches well with a tomatoey pasta
sauce. Fun and delish.

The second wine was Produttori di Govone
Barbera d€™Alba Superiore ($14, Dionysus, Lorton VA). While a tad more
expensive, it is more classic in its flavor profile. Deep in color and
flavor, with a hint of mushroom and soy. And yet there€™s a clear note
of boysenberry on the gritty, tannic finish. This excellent wine will
improve for the next 2-3 years, I€™ll wager.

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