Worth Reading: Bye-Bye TTB? And those wacky 2010 Germans!

Worth reading this week on the blahgosphere (actually the last two weeks – since I missed last Friday):

A big shout-out to W. Blake Gray for his insightful reportage on President Obama’s proposal to kill off the TTB, the federal office that regulates the wine industry, and hand over authority to the Food and Drug Administration. Blake gives a well-reasoned prospective on what it could mean for consumers and the wine industry, including ingredient labeling. This was one of those pieces that had me shaking my head and saying, “Damn! Wish I’d written that!”

Photo: German Wine Society

And so did Jon Bonné’s piece in the San Francisco Chronicle on the 2010 vintage in Germany. Bonné literally bares his wine-geeky soul as he struggles to make sense of a year that achieved wonderful success and mediocrity at the same time. So good, it almost made me quit wine writing altogether. Added bonus: the photo caption uses the word “porphyry.” That’s porn for geologists.

The Drinks Business brings us yet another story about a product name translating badly into Chinese.

Has Joe Roberts jumped the shark? (No, seriously, congrats, dude!)

Where’s Geraldo Rivera? The British Army bomb squad blows up a hidden cache of pre-World War II wine. But how did the mortar shells get inside the wine cellar? Imagine sticking your corkscrew in the wrong place – “This wine explodes with flavor!”



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4 Responses to Worth Reading: Bye-Bye TTB? And those wacky 2010 Germans!

  1. The TTB piece is certainly worth reading because of my participation.

  2. Haha. I didn’t take offense to not being mentioned. Thanks though.

    I’m frankly surprised more of the wine blogosphere didn’t pick up on it. I know policy is not a sexy topic for most, but this is a big one. Next week we find out if it is on the table.

  3. Well the Budget it out and TTB is there.

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