Regional Wine Week Oct. 10-16

Calling all wine bloggers: Don’t forget the third annual Regional
Wine Week, next week, Oct. 10-16. Not that you haven’t been writing
about your local wines all year, but this is the time to draw extra
attention to the exciting wines “from around here, wherever ‘here’
happens to be.”

Here’s info on the week at,
which will post links to as many articles as we can find about local
wine. The website is also a one-stop portal for readers interested in
learning about wines from anywhere in the U.S. – or at least those areas
that you don’t normally read about (as in, the West Coast). 

But is more than just an interesting collection of
articles about wines you may never find on your local retail shelves. If
you are planning a trip somewhere, say to Philadelphia or the Lehigh
Valley in eastern Pennsylvania, check out DrinkLocalWine for articles by
Paul Vigna or David Falchek for suggestions on what local wines to seek
out while you’re there. Headed for New York City? Even if you aren’t
able to get to wine country in the Finger Lakes or Long Island, on you can find links to Lenn Thompson’s fine New York
Cork Report and other scribblings about the Empire State’s vino.

It’s not just a wine website, but also a travel resource.

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