Not Your Father’s Virginia Wine

Does your impression of Virginia wine date back to an unfortunate
taste 10 or 20 years ago, in a store or at a sweltering festival
somewhere in hunt country? Mine did, but I kept tasting, as Virginia
wines kept getting better. Unfortunately, I’m not at all convinced that
most people have continued to taste and keep an open mind about Virginia

That’s why I hope you’ll enjoy my column in today’s Washington Post,
in which I highlight some interesting trends in the Virginia wine
industry – it’s growth over the past decade, with an increasing emphasis
on quality; it’s success in new markets, both among younger, tech-savvy
drinkers and overseas; and the increasing focus on vineyard-designated
wines that express and develop Virginia’s terroir, unique from that of
France or California.

This is Virginia Wine Month, as declared by
the Virginia Wine Folks. And next week is Regional Wine Week, as
declared by Jeff Siegel (The Wine Curmudgeon) and myself at Be sure to check in regularly for the best blogoscribbling about wines “from around here, wherever here happens to be.”

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