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Defining terroir with technology

I was thinking of writing a column exploring the concept of “terroir” and its different meanings for wine lovers and winemakers. But a quick search of my past columns on reveals this from February 2015. Been there, done that. Not … Continue reading

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The World Atlas of Wine: Essential Reading for Wine Lovers

This article appeared in The Washington Post in slightly different form on November 6, 2013. Coming next: My full interview with Hugh Johnson. There are books that teach you how to taste wine and books that describe how to make … Continue reading

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Touring Sonoma vineyards with Greg La Follette

During my visit to Sonoma County last month, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon and evening with Greg La Follette, producer of acclaimed pinot noir and chardonnay from Sonoma and Mendocino counties. We trundled around the lower Sonoma … Continue reading

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Worth Reading This Week: Has Beaujolais arrived? And more buzz for RdV …

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with lots of good food, fellowship and wine. Before the big day, I asked what you’d be drinking, and the favorite wine appears to be Pinot Noir, which garnered 18% of the votes, … Continue reading

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Minerality rocks!

Soon after posting yesterday’s list of interesting articles, I found Jordan Mackay’s treatise on minerality on (Hat tip to Mackay is one of the smartest writers on wine around these days, and is the award-winning author (with Rajat … Continue reading

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Oh, fair vino, whence cometh thou?

Do you care where your wine comes from? If it says “Napa” on the label, or “Champagne” or “Port,” do you expect it to be produced in those regions? Or are you satisfied if the wine is big and red, … Continue reading

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More signs that local wine is being taken seriously

I’m beginning to feel a bandwagon effect. The buzz about local wines keeps getting louder. I just received an e-mail from The Bottle Shop, a small specialty wine retailer in North Potomac, Maryland. The store regularly sends e-mail notices about … Continue reading

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